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Winzz 41" Padded Acoustic Guitar Bag

Winzz 41" Padded Acoustic Guitar Bag

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Winzz, a fretted instruments series by Aileen Music Co., Ltd., celebrates its 25th year of providing high-quality musical instruments. The Winzz guitar bag, part of this well-regarded series, caters to guitar players' needs, emphasizing functionality and protection.


  • Protective Tuff Bag: The Cloud Series bag features a waterproof shell with robust rubber soles and piping, ensuring exceptional protection for your guitar. The headlock system suspends the headstock and tuners, while the built-in pockets resist scratches and the elements.
  • Sturdy Construction: Equipped with a durable handle, high-quality zipper, and padded carrying straps for long-term use.
  • Unique Design: The bag's elegant and minimalist design ensures both fashion and comfort. It boasts a waterproof shell with an industrial rubber sole and piping, ample sheet bag space for books, and convenient strap storage in the back pocket.
    • Series: Cloud Series
    • Material: Waterproof shell, industrial rubber sole and piping
    • Design: Elegant and minimalist
    • Storage: Built-in pockets, sheet bag, back pocket for strap storage
    The Winzz Cloud Series Guitar Bag from Aileen Music Co., Ltd. offers a blend of style and protection for your beloved guitar. Its sturdy construction and unique design elements cater to the needs of guitar players, ensuring both fashion-forward looks and durability.
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