About Us

Word dices showing transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0


Dogemart is an ecommerce platform that will “give Power back to the people.” Our vision is to be the go-to brand on ecommerce offering products and services that are of high quality. Most of all, this will be a platform where people feel they belong, their voice matters, and they are actively involved in the decision making of the platform. We plan on doing this by building a vibrant and supportive community of people that believe and value the true meaning of democracy amidst today’s manipulated digitized world.
We will guide YOU along our journey with powerful tools from web3:
  1. The ability to pay through decentralized finance or cryptocurrency while still giving the option to use traditional FIAT currencies.
  2. Leveraging the power of blockchain to store sensitive customer information.
  3. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to support customer with product selection.
  4. Rewarding premium customers with Dogemart NFTs that will ensure their stake on the decision making process while building digital assets.
  5. Building our own deflationary digital currency that will create value beyond the Dogemart platform.

We understand that Web3 is relatively a new concept, so educating people on this revolutionary phase will be at the forefront of our company values and goals.