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RF Radio LED Photon Therapy Machine

RF Radio LED Photon Therapy Machine

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Experience the next frontier in skincare innovation with our revolutionary Mesotherapy Device. Crafted to redefine skincare routines, this advanced device harnesses specialized currents and cutting-edge technology to deliver nourishment and rejuvenation deep within the skin layers, offering a non-invasive solution for optimal skincare results.


  • Nonporous Mesotherapy: Special pulses created by double-clicked currents allow essential skin nutrients to penetrate the dermal layer, promoting nourishment without invasive procedures.
  • Electroporation Import: Utilizes specific currents to open skin cell gaps, enabling direct infusion of skincare ingredients into the dermal layer, boosting absorption up to 10 times.
  • RF Current: High-frequency electrical resistance heating aids in deep skin relaxation and addresses aging wrinkles by enhancing lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Microwave Pulse: Four-level conduction and pulse technology generate microwaves, stimulating muscle contraction, toning tissues, and restoring skin elasticity.
  • LED Phototherapy: Effectively heals micro gaps from electroporation and needle-free mesotherapy, calming inflammation and enhancing skin repair.


  • Mesotherapy Device
  • Pulse Current Technology
  • RF Frequency: High
  • LED Phototherapy: Yes
  • Microwaves: Four Levels
  • Electroporation: Enhanced Absorption

Experience the advanced fusion of pulse currents, electroporation, and LED phototherapy in our innovative Mesotherapy Device. Elevate your skincare routine with cutting-edge technology that enhances absorption, promotes skin repair, and restores youthful elasticity without invasive procedures.

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