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Portable Men's Electric Razor

Portable Men's Electric Razor

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Effortlessly carry the power of precision grooming wherever you go with the Pocket-Sized Portable Electric Shaver. This sleek, compact device offers powerful performance in a small package, ensuring precise and painless shaving experiences anytime, anywhere.

  • Pocket Size Convenience: Designed compact enough to fit into your pocket, its aluminum metal body is durable, non-slip, and travel-friendly.
  • Precision & Comfort: With a motor speed of 6600rpm, this shaver ensures precise and painless shaving, even at low power, preventing hair from getting stuck.
  • Fast Charging & Ease of Use: It takes only 30 minutes to charge fully and offers more than 6 hours of use, supporting USB Type-C charging for convenience.
  • Versatile & Waterproof: Suitable for wet and dry shaving, its thin stainless steel foil and 3D double-ring knife net provide a close shave. It's waterproof and supports full body wash.
  • Wide Application: This portable shaver is perfect for shaving body hair, making it a convenient choice for both men and women in various settings.


    • Name: Mini-Shave Portable Electric Shaver
    • Input Voltage: 5V
    • Rated Power: 3W
    • Material: High-quality and easy-to-use materials
    • Power Mode: USB charging model

    The Mini-Shave Portable Electric Shaver offers precise and painless shaving in a compact, pocket-friendly design, perfect for various grooming needs on the go.

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