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HedaTX-30 Electric Bicycle

HedaTX-30 Electric Bicycle

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Meet the TX30 - an electric bicycle designed with a suite of advantages catering to a diverse range of needs. This intelligently engineered bike brings together a blend of strength, adaptability, convenience, and safety for an unparalleled riding experience.


  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Folding Frame: Balancing durability and portability, this frame allows easy transport and storage.
  • Powerful 750W Motor: Tackles various terrains with ease, ensuring smooth, high-speed rides on any road condition.
  • Xingnuo M5 3.5-inch LCD Display: Provides comprehensive data and easy operation for an intuitive cycling experience.
  • Blueprint 9-Speed Shifting: Offers flexible gear shifts to match different surfaces, enhancing overall riding quality.
  • Lockable Shock Absorber Front Fork: Enhances stability and control, adapting to varying road conditions.
  • Front and Rear SHIMANO Oil Pressure Disc Brakes: Equipped with a power-off function for reliable, safe braking performance.
  • 20 x 4.0 Wide Tires: Deliver superior damping and grip, ideal for versatile terrain cycling.


  • Model: TX30 Frame
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor Power: 750W LCD
  • Display: Xingnuo M5 3.5-inch
  • Gearing: Blueprint 9-Speed
  • Brakes: Front and Rear SHIMANO Oil Pressure Disc Brakes
  • Tire Size: 20 x 4.0

With its blend of lightweight build, intelligent features, flexibility, safety measures, and adaptability, the TX30 stands out as an electric bicycle designed to cater to a wide array of practical cycling needs.

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