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HedaTx-19 Electric Mountain Bike

HedaTx-19 Electric Mountain Bike

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Introducing the TX19, an electric bicycle redefining convenience and power in cycling. Equipped with a robust 500W rear-mounted motor, this innovative bike offers superior acceleration, climbing prowess, and extended range, making it an ideal choice for traversing varied terrains with ease. Its array of advanced features, including an efficient instrument panel, reliable braking system, and superior shock absorption, ensures a smooth, safe, and comfortable riding experience.


  • Improved Speed and Acceleration: The 500W rear motor offers faster speed and acceleration, reducing travel time and effort.
  • Enhanced Climbing Ability: Easily tackles mountainous terrain with greater power output, aiding in smoother climbs.
  • Increased Load Capacity: Greater driving force allows for carrying heavier loads or more passengers while maintaining performance.
  • Extended Range: Despite higher power, the 500W motor is efficient, enhancing battery life and overall range.


  • Large 27.5-inch wheels for superior handling and stability on diverse road surfaces.
  • High-powered 500W rear motor for effortless cycling, especially uphill or against winds.
  • Advanced Kinmit instrument system for real-time monitoring of speed, mileage, and battery level.
  • Pneumatic shock absorbers for a smoother, less bumpy cycling experience.
  • Shimano 27-speed gear system adaptable to various road conditions for flexibility.
  • Reliable Shimano oil brake system ensures safe and efficient braking.
  • Saddle tube tail lights for enhanced visibility during night rides, prioritizing safety.
  • Wide 27.5 * 2.4 tires offering improved grip, impact absorption, and ground contact.
  • Long-lasting 48V 15.6Ah high-capacity battery with a range of up to 70 kilometers, providing convenience without frequent charging.

Experience cycling like never before with the TX19 electric bicycle, your ticket to unmatched convenience and power on the road. With its advanced features and superior performance, the TX19 guarantees a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride across diverse terrains. Elevate your cycling adventure and redefine your journey with the TX19—where innovation meets the open road.

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