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Happyrun G50 Electric Bike

Happyrun G50 Electric Bike

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Experience unparalleled adventure with the Electric Fat Tire Bike, an electric marvel engineered for conquering diverse landscapes and delivering an exhilarating ride through every terrain.


  • Trail-Conquering Power: Unstoppable Performance for Seamless Rides Crafted for both trailblazing adventures and daily commutes, the HAPPYRUN HR-G50 electric bike boasts a robust 750W brushless motor, propelling it to a top speed of 45km/h. Its impressive power conquers diverse terrains and inclines effortlessly.
  • Extended Adventure Range: Extended Travels Featuring a detachable 48V 18Ah battery, the HAPPYRUN HR-G50 e-bike covers an impressive 68-mile range (with pedal assistance) on just a 5-6 hour charge. The removable design allows for convenient charging at home or in the office, ensuring an extended riding experience.
  • Retro-Chic Design: Timeless Aesthetics With a striking retro motorcycle frame fused with contemporary electrical technology, this adult dirt bike pays homage to classic design, embodying both timeless style and retro allure. Riding it evokes a nostalgic journey back in time.
  • Terrain Versatility: Discover New Routes Its 20" x 4" fat tires offer added resilience against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small debris, enabling rides on sandy, snowy, and intricate terrains, and transforming adventures into hassle-free experiences.
  • Comfort & Control: Comfort for Long Journeys Enhanced by a high-performance front fork suspension and seat suspension, this bike absorbs the majority of road bumps, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. Paired with dual mechanical disc brakes, it delivers excellent, gradual stopping power across diverse road conditions.


  • Voltage: 48V
  • Capacity: 18Ah
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 28 mph
  • Charging Time: 2-6 hours
  • Motor Power: 750W (peak motor power 1500W)
  • Tire Size: 20'x4.0'
  • Brake Type: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

Unlock new adventures and embrace thrilling rides with the Electric Fat Tire Bike. Its powerful features and sturdy design ensure an exhilarating journey across diverse terrains, promising endless excitement and exploration on every ride.

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