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Geek Smart L8 Robot Vacuum

Geek Smart L8 Robot Vacuum

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Discover the cutting-edge Geek Chef L8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a powerful solution designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Featuring twin turbo powerful suction, advanced LiDAR navigation, a versatile 3-in-1 function, seamless smartphone control, and automatic charging capabilities, this intelligent vacuum cleaner offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.


  • Twin Turbo Powerful Suction: Dual turbines generate 2700 Pa suction each, totaling 5400 Pa of power for enhanced airflow. This robust suction clears up to 80% more dust, debris, and pet hair, granting you more time to enjoy life and less time spent cleaning.
  • 360° Accurate LiDAR Navigation: Equipped with LiDAR navigation, the L8 maps your space in real-time, adjusting its path and avoiding obstacles efficiently, ensuring comprehensive cleaning across your entire home.
  • 3-IN-1 Robot Function: Offering sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming capabilities, the L8 adapts to your cleaning needs. Its dual water output modes facilitate simultaneous mopping and vacuuming. The ample 500ml water tank ensures extended mopping coverage.
  • Control From Your Phone: Effortlessly manage cleaning schedules, and room preferences, and set boundaries via the GeekSmart app. Real-time maps and a customizable cleaning schedule allow for hassle-free management, freeing up your time for other activities.
  • Automatic Charging & Recovery: The L8 operates with a high-capacity 3200mAh battery, delivering 110 minutes of runtime on a single charge. In silent mode, it functions for up to 300 minutes, covering spaces of up to 3000 square meters. The self-charging feature extends its cleaning range without interruption.

Experience the ease and efficiency of the Geek Chef L8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With cutting-edge features and powerful performance, it's designed to streamline your cleaning process, offering a smarter way to maintain a spotless home.

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