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Geek Chef Smokeless Indoor

Geek Chef Smokeless Indoor

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Introducing an efficient indoor electric oven that transforms your cooking experience! Ideal for compact spaces, this multifunctional appliance offers a 2-in-1 grill and griddle, allowing for versatile cooking options that suit your culinary preferences. Not just an indoor grill, this innovative device doubles as an air fryer with seven cooking functions, providing a range from air frying to baking, all in one compact machine. Its user-friendly touchscreen control panel and adjustable temperature settings make cooking up to 500°F a breeze. Cleanup is hassle-free with its dishwasher-safe components, ensuring convenience after every delicious meal.

  • Compact Countertop Design: Occupying minimal space, this indoor oven comfortably serves 4 to 6 people without crowding your kitchen, perfect for smaller spaces like apartments.
  • 2-in-1 Grill and Griddle: Its dual grooved and flat surface offers versatile cooking options—create pancakes, eggs, or crepes on the flat side, and achieve perfect grill marks on steaks with the textured surface.
  • Air Fryer Functionality: Equipped with seven cooking functions, including air fry, grill, bake, broil, roast, reheat, and manual, this multi-purpose appliance conserves table space while allowing you to cook a variety of dishes.
  • Easy Cleaning: Featuring a nonstick cooking pot and air fry basket, cleaning up takes mere minutes. These removable parts are dishwasher safe, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • Expanded Cooking Options: With a touch screen control panel and adjustable temperature control up to 500°F, the appliance comes with essential accessories such as a grill plate for steak, a crisper basket for fries, and a unit holder for added convenience.


  • Brand: Geek Chef
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 1500W
  • Capacity: 6QT
  • Functions: Air fry, air grill, Bake, Broil, Roast, Manual
  • LED Display: Working time and temperature
  • Maximum Temperature: 260C (500F)
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Included Accessories: Air fryer basket, unit holder
Elevate your culinary adventures with the Geek Chef indoor electric oven. Unveil a world of cooking versatility with its 2-in-1 grill and griddle, delivering an array of delectable dishes from air-fried delights to perfectly grilled steaks. With an easy-to-clean design and comprehensive accessories, embrace hassle-free cooking and cleaning, bringing delicious meals to your table effortlessly. Enjoy a seamless cooking journey backed by Geek Chef's one-year warranty and lifetime technical consultation, ensuring a lifetime of culinary exploration and satisfaction.
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