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440lbs Ab Coaster - Silver

440lbs Ab Coaster - Silver

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Unveil the power of the 440LBS Deluxe Ab Machine, your ultimate companion in sculpting and strengthening your core from the comfort of your home. This sleek and innovative machine is meticulously designed to offer premium abdominal workouts while preserving space and ensuring optimal performance.


  • Premium Weight Capacity: Supporting up to 440 lbs, this machine accommodates users of varying sizes, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Kettlebell Style Resistance: Offering a unique kettlebell-style resistance block, this machine enables dynamic adjustments for intensified workouts.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to reduce strain on the back and neck, it ensures a focused and effective abdominal crunch, promoting core engagement.
  • Folding Feature: Optimal for space-conscious individuals, the foldable design enables easy storage without compromising its sturdy build.
  • Efficient Core Workouts: Suitable for users of all levels, it delivers challenging yet smooth workouts, targeting multiple angles of the abdominals.
  • Home Gym Essential: Elevate your home fitness setup with this essential piece, delivering gym-quality results right from your own space.


  • Weight Capacity: 440lbs
  • Resistance Style: Kettlebell-inspired
  • Design: Ergonomic and foldable for space-saving
  • Workout Level: Suitable for beginners to advanced users

Maximize your core workouts with the 440LBS Deluxe Ab Machine, a robust and versatile fitness tool engineered to provide exceptional results without compromising on space or performance. Experience professional-grade abdominal workouts from the comfort of your home gym setup.

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